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Super Hi Vis UHD 4K Wallpaper Site for 4K TV Owners or Not

Super Hi Vis UHD 4K Wallpaper Site for 4K TV Owners or Not
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Did you know that standard HD TV’s are now becoming obsolete? The new standard in super high vision screens are the new ultra HD 4K and 8K TV’s and monitors. Ultra HD 4K resolution is 4x better than standard HD. And 8K TV’s and screens are 16x better. So these new super hi vis 4K wallpapers sure do look STUNNING on those new 4K TV’s and screens!

As you may well be aware by now, ultra HD 3840×2160 4K TV’s provide superior image quality on the screen by offering four times the resolution over traditional standard 1080p HD resolution TV’s and monitors. Let alone the 4096×2160 8K TV’s which provide an image quality and truly fully immersive experience that is like no other before it on a TV screen.

A New Generation in Super Hi Vis Resolution

The difference in image quality is huge! And while we are yet to fully move over to 4K TV’s and monitors (we’re still using our 1080p HD LED’s screens). 4K and 8K TV’s and monitors etc are now on sale at most large electrical provider and are much more affordable to members of the public in general. Eventually we will all catch up and only be buying 4K/8K TV’s and they will one day be the norm. Although there will probably be old 1080p HD TV’s floating around just like there are old mobile phones in use by some people. The image you are looking at here is of Samsung’s curved HU8500 4K TV with an ultra HD 4K aerial view of downtown Manhattan in New York on the desktop.

Obviously if you’re viewing this on a standard 1080p HD PC monitor screen then you might not be able to fully appreciate it although you will see that the images resolution is much larger then your screen size resolution. While your HD screen provides a fairly detailed image the difference in 4K at a resolution size of 3840×2160 is phenomenal! You get to see the full image not cropped or stretched in super hi vis or ultra HD.

Don’t Miss The Boat!

The rise of 4K TV’s means there is much opportunity out there for anyone to get on the gravy boat in some way and coin in from that! Whether you start a new business buying and reselling 4K TV’s or someone that provides content for them taken and recorded on a 4K digital camera. Content such as movies and films, documentaries and sports etc. And of course 4K wallpapers for their new 4K TV!

Do you remember when HD TV’s first started? Sky and BT never had any channels for HD TV owners at first but now they all can stream HD channels, HD movies, HD sports etc. Well before the end of 2015 year is finished, both Sky and BT will have more Ultra HD 4K channels, movies etc streamed in ultra HD 4K to the people that own 4K TV’s!

One of the best things about owning a 4K TV is not only is the picture quality stunningly so much better than anything your old eyes have ever seen before but its that you can get to adorn your 4K TV or 4K PC monitor (even laptop) desktop background or screensaver with one of those amazing, super high vis ultra HD 4K wallpapers!

4K TV Content – Coming to a 4K TV Near You Soon!

You remember how long it took Sky to have HD content? Or how long BT took to do the same and stream HD content to you via subscription? HD TV’s superseded their TV services and came after so they had to adapt and start providing HD content for their customers that purchased and owned HD boxes and TV’s. Well its sort of the same now for 4K TV content in that the main TV broadcasters such as Sky or BT and while there is progress there are still not a lot of 4K channels. This is because most film makers, protectionists, directors etc are still recording film and movie in 1080p HD cameras!

Obviously as you can imagine, commercially available 4K digital cameras like those GoPro drone cameras are expensive let alone the actual professional grade, film making 4K cameras. While there are some main 4K camera manufactures that are now producing them and others will follow suit as the technology becomes much more main stream and all new films and documentaries etc etc will be recording in ultra hd 4K and even 8K digital cameras. This means that broadcasters like Sky & BT will be able to broadcast and stream 4K and 8K movies and shows!

So as it was with the HD generation, we slowly (or quickly) adopt and adapt to knew technologies. As the 4K TV technology advances it will also come down in price for the general public who will be able to enjoy all the benefits that a super hi vision 4K TV shows and movies offer. And that includes our 4K desktop wallpapers and backgrounds for your 4K or 8K TV/PC.

The Rise of 4K Wallpapers

One only need to do a little homework and have a little common sense about the business industry to know that 4K TV’s are BIG business! Look up 4K TV as a search term on the Google Trends Tool and you see a steep growing trend that just keeps bouncing higher and higher. And using Google’s Keyword Planner Tool we can see that the search term of “4k wallpaper” is searched for 60,500 and “4k tv” 165,000 times a month. Doing the same search about 1 year ago was literally nothing. This tells you one thing and thats there is a big demand for them 4K TV’s and 4K TV wallpapers. Just as people used to search for HD wallpapers, we can now laugh at that and move forward into ultra HD or 4K as its simply known as.

4K TV Wallpapers

One of the best things about owning a 4K TV is that you can enjoy one of the many many very very awesome looking wallpapers that are out there. Especially the ones that were taken on a 4K digital camera and have a super high resolution. They might be a bit larger in size over normal HD images, but the difference in the clarity is mind blowing and can really stand out. We have always loved wallpapers here. I have mine rotated every day from a collection of images in a folder. It’s one of the nice things about owning a screen like it that you get to see images of stunning vistas and aerial photographs. We have 4K wallpapers in many different categories from Cars to Cities, Games and Movie, Nature and Space wallpapers and we’re adding more and more every day! You can download our 4K wallpapers from our site for free and they will fit your screen perfectly and probably make you smile along the way. 🙂

4K Social Networking Covers

Everyone loves a good looking social networking profile cover. Everyone wants the best looking 4K social covers for their Facebook or Twitter page. You know what I mean by the large header image you can choose. Well we understand this and so have 4K social covers for your social networking accounts like Twitter, Facebook & Google+ covers. Basically how it works is that you can make a social cover from any 4K wallpaper on the site by simply choosing the one you want and our site will offer you a crop option for it so you can get the best part of the image you want cropped and looking great as your super high vision ultra HD 4K social cover background and be the envy of all your friends and users.

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Super Hi Vis UHD 4K Wallpaper Site for 4K TV Owners or Not

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